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March 10th, 2012, 01:04 PM
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March 10, 2006 my first unborn baby died. Inside of me, where he/she was supposed to be protected. Then another baby died and then another. I was so beyond depressed. I am pretty sure I had given up any and all hope of ever becoming a Mother. When DH and I had gotten married, I was so excited I was FINALLY going to be able to get some answers. Then the first RE I had seen had pretty much told me I was fine, there is nothing wrong with me. Her diagnosis' was Natural Killer Cells, which I tried and tried to find information on, but none of it made sense to me. I found a new Dr. This second Dr is my GOD SEND! Because of her I have my beautiful 3 month old, blue eyed, red headed little princess.

I remember reading the stories here and all the grads saying "don't give up", "keep fighting" and I rolled my eyes and got ANGRY! Easy for you to say, you have your rainbow baby. But now I too shall say it, LADIES! DON'T GIVE UP;;KEEP FIGHTING! If one Dr says you are fine, GO TO ANOTHER! AND THEN ANOTHER! Until you find that Dr that is going to help you and that is going to listen to you!

I LOVE YOU LADIES and am SOOO THANKFUL I found you all because you have been such a GREAT help with everything. I have learned SO much here...

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