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March 11th, 2012, 05:05 PM
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29 week pic is up.

Well its been a stressful week. I was very emotional for a few days and cried for no reason. Then on Wednesday I was home alone and having one of my weepy days when I went out the back garden and found my beautiful furbaby my cat Samson dead.
No idea what happened to him. He was fine the day before and didn't have and cuts or anything on him. He was just lying there. I completely broke down. I was in bits I rang Maurice to come home straight away poor guy got an awful fright when he heard me on the phone.
We buried him out the back where he died. I spent days crying. I think it was made even worse because Maurice left for London the next morning for 5 days so I'm home alone all weekend.

So while alone I started some serious nesting. I cleaned the house top to bottom. Packed hospital bags. Got loads of stuff ready for the babies.
We didn't do up a nursery because we will have them in our room for a good few months and once we know boy's girls's we'll do up the nursery. So here is what I did to our bedroom,
I'm sitting on our bed taking the pic's. The wall looks pink but its more of a deep plum colour.



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