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March 12th, 2012, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by bellasmom18 View Post
Well apparently now im going to be raising Arrabella on my own and shes not even born yet. Now ex-fiance made something so small into a huge deal and i wasnt even arguing with him and it caused him to decide hes done with me. So much for "i love u two so much i never want to lose you." Bunch of bs, im so fed up. Im not even crying about it, im just pissed off. Now its us two on our own. What am i going to do? I never wanted her to be without her father like i was. I didnt have either parent around.
Hi sweetie:
For one, let me tell u that just becuz someone is the biological father oif ur baby, does not necesarily mean that u have to be together becuz u have a baby together. Believe me when i tell u that when i was a kid, my parents were fighting all the time, i mean all the freakin time. And u know what went through my mom's mind? well, i have to make it work for the sake of the children. but u know what? My sis and I woulda had a much better childhood if our parents had actually split up.
Sometimes it is for the best of the child that parents don't stay together. If it is a healthy realtionship, then of course! But if u guys fight a lot and he belittles u or anything, then ur better off being a single mommy.
As for ur fight, was it a big one? Maybe he was just pissec off when he made that decision.....?
I know nothing about u, but....if it relly was such a small thing, then maybe ur ex-fiance will cool off and come back?
How are you doing right now? I am here for u. You will be fine.
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