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March 12th, 2012, 08:07 PM
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Stay strong you CAN do it.

It sounds like you've heard a few too many bad stories so I thought I'd show you the other side of the coin. I've had two natural births, during neither of these births did I scream or cry. Yes it was hard work, yes there was pain but it was all manageable with the right coping strategies it can be very rewarding Just remember, how you handle it will depend on you and has nothing to do with what anyone else did.

Secondly don't get too caught up in the sizing issue. The size of the baby does not always determine the difficulty of the birth. My first baby was 6lb 6 oz and I would generally call her's a hard birth - I ended up pushing for 1.5 hours before they finally resorted to the vacuum. My second baby was 8lb 9 oz and he came out so easily in comparison, my body knew what to do and I had a fantastic midwife who really helped me deal a lot better than I did with the first birth. Obviously no one can promise you that you'll have the same but I just wanted to say don't give up without trying......Cause you never know what you're capable of till you do it.

My general advice is to do as much preparation as you can, look at a number of different coping strategies, you never know which one will work (I found that things that worked for my first birth were useless during my second) I just kept trying different strategies until I found the one that worked.

Good luck!
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