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4 weeks

It's still 4 days til my period is expected... so I kind of find myself wondering if I got a false positive even though I know it's highly unlikely (especially since I have POAS 5 times and all were positive!).
I still can't believe I got a positive on 9 DPO on a digi... crazy! Makes me wonder if it's twins and honestly I would be THRILLED!

Praying so so hard for this baby I know there is still a great chance for miscarriage at this point, I am a realist. However, I am trying to stay positive this pregnancy and enjoy every moment.

I have a lot more "symptoms" and the same early symptoms that I had with my other two pregnancies.
Sciatic pain (sharp quick back pains), SUPER strong smell (this weekend the other mommies who met up were all making fun of me because I smelled things a good while before they did; like baby poo ), allergy symptoms (stuffy nose, sneezing), and peeing a LOT!

There's my update

eli grey [9.15.10]
jude lawrence [11.9.12]
forever loving our best girl, finley [born still 10.30.11]
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