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March 12th, 2012, 09:41 PM
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You can totally do it!! Read some positive birth stories, watch some waterbirths on youtube or something, read some affirming books about birth. Before labor I tend to get all happy and snug in my "zone" with all these positive stories around me, telling me that women can do this, that I can do this.

My natural births were both very calm. No one really would have guessed I was in labor except during contractions I couldn't concentrate or talk and had to focus inward. I had coping strategies and a sort of meditative zone I fell into. Position plays into it a lot! A natural labor is NOT the same as a pitocin labor! The contractions are much different when it is augmented, and when the water is broken.

I really think the size of the baby doesn't matter nearly so much as the position of the baby and position of the mother. Try squatting, it opens up your pelvis. Stand, sway, move.... your body will get the baby out the way it knows how. You've already done it once, mama.

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