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March 13th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Caleigh Casey
7lbs. 14oz. 20 in.

This pregnancy has been great. I gained pretty much the same amount of weight as I did with the boys, no new stretch marks and the whole pregnancy was mostly complication free. I did have to take the 3 hour gestational diabetes test but passed with flying colors. I didn’t really start “showing” until about 28 weeks. I barely wore maternity clothes, instead I just wore bigger sizes of regular clothes. I carried the weight all over instead of just my belly. Johnny and Joey loved feeling my pregnant belly and always had lots of questions. Johnny was extra interested and loved feeling her move and poking my belly. Overall the pregnancy went great till our 38 week 2 day check-up.

On July 13th, John and I went to our 11:45am doctor appointment. We had to get induced at 38 weeks with Joey because of low fluid and in the back of my mind I was hoping it wouldn’t happen again. We got to the appointment and everything looked good, doctor said I was 3cm dilated. Then he did a quick ultrasound to check the baby and found that my water was low again. He wanted me to go to the hospital immediately to get monitored and they would induce over night and deliver in the morning. I was not happy about this, I was really hoping to go natural and hopefully during the day. I have always felt my doctor likes to control his deliveries and would induce at any chance he gets. I was upset that I might be getting cheated out of my birth experience for his convenience. I argued with the doctor in hopes that he was exaggerating on the low levels and would let me go another week. He wouldn’t budge on his decision though. Between my hormones, doubts, and emotions I broke down and cried when the doctor left the room. John was awesome and deep down I knew it was best for Caleigh and off to the hospital we went!

We got to the hospital around 1pm, got our room and hooked up to the monitors. The nurse was wonderful and everything was going great. The baby looked great on the monitor and they allowed me to come off as much as I wanted as long as I did 15 minutes an hour. My doctor also ordered another ultrasound to verify the low fluid, and it was indeed low. That made me feel so much better about the induction and that it was necessary. I knew it was going to be a long day so I tried to move around a lot before I was confined to a bed for the night. Our parents came up with dinner and stayed to keep us company till about 10pm. Afterwards John and I started watching Nip/Tuck Season 1 in hopes to get some rest before the induction began.

John slept for about hour and a half but I couldn’t. At midnight the nurse started the pitocin. I didn’t feel anything till about 1am. Then I felt the hardening of my stomach but that was about it. Throughout the rest of the night they upped the pitocin every half hour. The tightening went on all night but they were never painful to the point I had to breath though them. At most they were uncomfortable and made me have to pee. I was up the majority of the night watching episodes of Nip/Tuck. I think I may have dozed off here and there but not for any length of time. At 5am she checked my progress and I was a loose 4! That was nothing; I was so discouraged. I was hoping to have the baby in the early morning but it was looking like it might be in the afternoon now.

My doctor came in at 6:20am to break my water. I lined up the epidural for the same time knowing that once my water was broken the contractions would become much more intense. Boy, was I right, the contractions picked up about 10 minutes after my water was broken to the point I could no longer talk though them. I just breathed and breathed. The anesthesiologist showed up about 6:30am and started setting up. He was not happy about being dragged out of bed a half hour before shift change, but all well!! The epidural was inserted at 6:45am, he said it would take about 15 minutes to take effect and that I needed to lay flat for it spread evenly. My parents arrived about this time too. Laying flat really made my contractions intense.

The contractions were coming about every 2 minutes and lasting about 40 seconds each. My legs started feeling tingly after about 10 minutes but the contractions were still strong and I didn’t feel much relief on one side. The nurse came back in about 7:05am to check my pain level. She was going to call back in the anesthesiologist to fix the epidural when the doctor showed up to check me before he went off to work.

His plan was to get me comfortable, up the pitocin and have the baby at lunch time. So he checks me at about 7:15am and I am complete and ready to push! That is why I was in so much pain! So just like that the bed is broken down, the nurses are brought in and I start to push. I push once and Caleigh’s head is right there. The doctor was great and did his thing so that I didn’t tear or anything. Then one more push and out she came, they laid her on my belly! Caleigh was born at 7:23am! She weighed 7lbs 14oz. and was born on 7/14, she was 20 inches long and got 9/9.

This was by far my easiest delivery. I only truly consider myself in labor for 1 hour! The rest was just a long drawn out waiting game. The fun didn’t start till my water was broken! They never even hooked up the epidural, so I delivered with only the initial boost they put in it when they inserted it. I was up and walking around within an hour. I felt amazing! Caleigh and I were doing great and we were discharged from the hospital the next day, 27 hours after giving birth! It truly was an amazing experience minus the night induction!

7/13 11:45am – 38 Week 2 Day Check-up at Doctor’s Office, 3cm dilated
7/13 1pm – Admitted to hospital for monitoring and induction
7/14 12am – Pitocin is started
7/14 5am – Progress is checked – Loose 4cm dilated
7/14 6:20am – Water is broken, membranes are stripped, 4cm still
7/14 6:45am – Epidural inserted, laid on back and told to wait 15 minutes for it to take effect
7/14 7:05am – Still intense contractions, doctor shows up, checks me and I am complete!
7/14 7:23am – Caleigh is born!!

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