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March 13th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Ok, I had this all typed up and then my computer or the INternet service that is erased it all

So Monday morning got up at 6 am to register for classes. Around 7:30 am I went to the kitchen to make some OJ and felt like I started my period. I went to the bathroom and found that 1) my underwear were soaked, 2) there was no color or odor, and 3) it was still coming every so often. I called the dr's after hours number and the nurse had me come to L&D to doublecheck if it was my water. I got there and my dr was actually the on-call doctor. Talk about luck. Well it was my water and I was scheduled for a c-section at 12:30 pm. It would have been earlier but there was another section scheduled before me.

I was fine until right before the c/s and then I started to get nervous. When Igot into the OR I felt this weird pressure where the anesthesiologist was putting in the spinal but the nurse was able to calm me down and I was able to be awake for the whole thing.

Felt some pressure but no pain and my little boy was born at 1:16pm he weighed 5lb 4.2oz and he was 18.5 inches long. While in recovery they let me try to bf him but he was having breathing issues. He was making this grunting sound and it turns out he had respitory distress and needed to have some oxygen through a nasal cannula at 40% oxygen. They also had to give him sufactin to help clear out his airwaves. He is now in the Level II nursery, I haven't gotten to hold him since that first time He just got weaned from the oxygen and is just on room air. The hospital has let me pump for him and he should be able to start eating tomorrow. As soon as he maintains his temp, 48 hours from when he was weaned from the oxygen and he can eat on his own, he will be able to come home. Hopefully that will be soon. He is so darned cute. But of course I am sllightly partial.

Here is the link to the pics. There are pics from the actual surgery too. So just be prepared, they are not too graphic but some might not like them.

Gabriel Quinn pictures by gina29445 - Photobucket
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