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March 13th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Birth Story:

My appointment for my csection was at 7:30 am, so the hospital told us to be there at 5:00 am. We got there a little early, around quarter til. They had me change into my gown and took bp, listened to baby, normal vitals type things. Then they did my catheter. Ugh, so not pleasant. Then it was time for an I.V. It took 4 ppl; 2 labor and delivery nurses, 1 ICU nurse and the anesthesiologist to get an i.v. in my arm. And it took a total of 5 tries. The anesth. brought a numbing agent and injected that in my arm first, in case he had to dig around....but he got it on the first try, but did have to use a smaller needle then he wanted to. So now i have 4 huge bruises bc my veins blew out, on each arm.

A little later i was taken into the O.R. and given my spinal block. Then i was laid on the table, prepped and df came in. Then it was time to roll. I was so much more alert this time around. Df didnt have to wake me up at all. It wasnt too long before i heard Charlotte's first cries and the dr's and nurses trying to guess her weight. Lol. Then i looked over and saw them rubbing her down and then they wrapped her up and brought her to me to see. Then her & df went to the nursery, i was sewn and stapled up and sent to recovery. Df came into recovery and fed me ice chips, then went out to the car to get my stuff and took it up to my room. Then after an hour and a half, i was taken up to my room and we asked to see our daughter. Well, she had to go to NICU bc of her size, to monitor her blood sugar. But she would be in the regular nursery and then w/us in an hour or so. Well 3 hrs went by and df had to pick up Samantha from my parents house and he brought her up to the hospital. Well, Samantha is 2. Lol. So of course she was rambunctious. Well, nurses kept coming in bc she was loud, "just to make sure everything was ok". So, after an hour df took her home for a nap and some lunch. He called me later on and said she was still hyper, so he would take her to my mom and dads tomorrow and come up then. I felt bad for him, but was ok w/it. I was mostly mad bc it was now 2 pm and i still hadnt gotten to hold Charlotte. Then the nicu nurse brought her to me, so i could hold her for 10 mins, then said her blood sugar was good but her blood had low oxygen. But she was doing better and would be out of nicu by 5. People came up to visit, left, pretty soon it was just me. Finally a little after 9 pm, they brought her to me. She stayed in my room til midnight and then back to the nursery til feeding time. And that is how it went, she was with me from then on out, except for when i was sleeping (no rooming in unless df or someone else was there), checkups w/the peds and when i showered.

So, the next day df came up and got to hold his daughter, finally! Lol. He is a proud daddy. We got other visitors too: my parents, his mom and sister, my moms friend, my bff, df's other sister, my brother and his wife, etc.

So, then the next day my dr releases me and the peds release Charlotte. Df comes to get us and we have an hours worth of paperwork to do. Seems our state has new paternity laws and bc df and i arent married yet, we had to fill out this new paperwork that ugh.

They gave us a bunch of stuff though. $10 in gc's for the gift shop, $10 mcdonalds gc's, $10 in gas cards, 3 packages of diapers, hosp diaper bag w/8 bottles of formula, 3 packs of 8 two oz formula bottles, a new package of pads for me, things like that.

Then, we went home. Lol. So far, she is a good baby...only cries when laid flat on her back, so she sleeps slightly elevated. She is doing ok w/bfing, so hopefully it will work out this time. She would not bf at the hosp at all. So she got baba's there. And so far, Samantha is doing well w/the change. She tried to share her sippy of strawberry milk, lol, and shared her favorite dog stuffed animal...but then took it back and laughed. Lol. She calls her "baby". Lol
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