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March 13th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Ok I FINALLY have few minutes free to post Ethan's birth story.

Around 2am on Saturday 6/26 I started having lots of cramping every few minutes. Nothing different, just more crampy than usual. Only difference was I couldn't rest...I was pacing the house, going to the bathroom, and couldn't get comfortable. They turned into stronger contractions around 10am. So I called my mom and she came over to watch Alex and Cady and we headed off to the hospital, hoping this was finally it!

When I got there there was a woman in front of me like ready to push, cussing her husband out and everything and I told my DH that I felt a little ridiculous being there this early, but since I was GBS+ and my last labor was only 6 hrs long I felt I needed to get checked out.

They settled me into a tiny tiny room with another woman on another side (it was literally a 6' X 6' room with two beds and monitors and everything). They checked me and I was 4cm. Contracting regularly, but that was nothing new for me. They waited an hour, checked me again and I was 6cm, and feeling the contractions down the insides of my legs really really strong, more so than in my uterus. At this point they said they were calling my doctor and admitting me, and that we WERE having a baby. I was still in shock that this was FINALLY IT!!! They put my IV in and at this point it was 1:30pm. They started me on my antibiotics and finally moved me into another room, a private L&D room, where a freaking alarm was going off and no one could figure out how to turn it off for 40 minutes, it drove me nuts! Finally it got turned off.

The doctor came in and checked me at 3pm. I had already requested to be put in line for an epidural. I told them I wasn't in too much pain yet, still breathing through my contractions, but didn't want to miss it. They said the anesthesiologist was in a c-section and I was 3rd on the list. They didn't see any problem with me getting it in time. At 3pm when the doctor checked me I was still 6cm, so he broke my water. He was shocked at the amount of water that just kept gushing and gushing for literally like 10 minutes. He said there was enough to support 2-3 pregnancies! He had to use two pails instead of one to catch it. Then he had them start me on a low dose of pitocin to make my contractions a little stronger and move things along.

At this point my doctor left and went back to Home Depot (to the sprinkler section lol). By 3:50pm I was screaming that I had to push. The nurses didn't believe me so they checked me, and I was 8cm, almost 100% effaced. Literally 5 min later I told them I was going to start pushing...that I wanted my epi. At this point the nurse said "We can give you your epi but by the time we get it in you'll probably have delivered, and it won't work until well after". I started to panic. I think I cursed a few times with my contractions, literally broke both sides of the bed (the handles lol). I demanded to be checked again and they said I was complete but not to push. They asked if an EMT in training could come in to watch and I said I really didn't give a darn who the heck was there or not.

From 3:55 until 4:15 they made me breathe through the contractions all the while I'm screaming I have to push, I'm going to push, and darnit I'm going to HAVE THIS BABY whether or not the doctor gets there! If you've ever gone natural and been told not to push it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE. But I huffed and I puffed and I actually put my hands down there and held him in...for all it helped (maybe mentally but not physically lol). The nurses kept paging the nurse's station and the doctor telling him to get there stat. I remember focusing on the nurse in front of me, who was nervously watching the head crown and begging me not to push.

At 4:15 the nurse's station paged the room and said frantically at this point that the doctor was in the elevator. He didn't even have time to get ready, he reached the room, saw Ethan's head crowning and told me to push. They kept telling me to pull my legs up but I couldn't. I literally pushed twice and his head popped out and I think I screamed the loudest scream I've ever screamed. Then he got stuck a bit at the shoulders and at this point the doctor was saying "Baby wake up" (I later learned that his heart rate had plummeted for about 30 seconds). He had the nurse push down right above my pubic bone with my third and final push, and he was out. The doctor laid him right on my belly and I hugged him before they cut the cord and whisked him off.

He took a few minutes to cry, but he finally did right after I asked if he was ok. It was the most beautiful sound. He was born at 4:21pm, 7lbs 15oz and 21" long. And I'm so in love =) . That's Ethan's birth story! I was literally up and walking within 20 minutes of the birth. I only had to have one stitch (in which he didn't give me anything for..but heck, he probably figured I just delivered natural I could deal with one stitch without any lidocaine or anything lol).

And that my dear friends, is Ethan Christopher's birth story.
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