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March 13th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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My doctor advised me to consider an induction if Knox hadn't come by the end of my 38th week because the sonogram was showing him to be 8 lb 15 ounces. I agreed but was not sure I was making the right decision. My daughter was born at 41 weeks by induction and weighed close to 9lbs at that time. I couldn't imagine trying to birth an eleven pounder!

I was admitted to the hospital on July 8th --

6:20 pm -- Cervadil placed to try and ripen the cervix. I was between a 1cm-2cm at that time and 60% effaced. I had to stay on the monitor for 2 hours and couldn't eat or drink anything during that time while they monitored mine and baby's response to the cervadil.

7:20 pm -- mild contractions about 6-7 minutes apart.. I was hopeful that these were accomplishing something and that maybe I could avoid the Pitocin.

8:20 pm-- I was able to come off the monitors to get up and go to the restroom and was allowed to eat and drink until midnight. Contractions continued as above but no stronger or closer together.

July 9th--

7:00 am -- I requested to come off the monitor to walk and see if we could get something started. They allowed me to do that for about an hour. Contractions did increase to 5 minutes apart.. but still only minimal pain.

8:20 am -- Doctor came in and broke my water. Still no painful contractions.

9:15 am -- Offered my epidural and accepted since I'd experienced the pain of pitocin previously : )
Just felt a small prick as the lidocaine was injected, then some pressure as the epidural was placed but no pain.

9:35 am - Pitocin started --the anesthesiologist had hooked me up with a handy little button I could push to deliver more pain medicine as needed. I never felt more than mild cramping with my contractions and anytime they picked up in intensity, I pushed the button and felt relief within a few minutes.

10:15 am -- Contractions picked up in frequency and intensity. I was dilated to 4cm within an hour and was so excited to be making progress.

3:35 pm --Continued to dilate about a cm and hour until I reached a 6-7cm -- at that point progress stalled for a while so my OB decided we should swap the bag of Pitocin for another one just in case it had been a weak batch. . My L&D nurse told me the reason I slowed down was due to some scar tissue on my cervix from a previous cryotherapy. She said not to worry, we'd get there.

The worst part of this whole day was our inpatient family members in the waiting room : )

5:30 pm -- Dilated to a 10-- time to push! The nurse went to go call my doctor and came back in at 5:40 pm and we did a few pushes before the doctor arrived.

6:01 pm -- Knox arrived to a loud clap of thunder-- my husband said we'd have to consider changing his name to Thor. 8 lbs 14 ounces and 20 inches long. had an episiotomy but it's healing well.

He did awesome the whole time -- never had any issues related to the Pitocin and I think it's because my nurse did such a gradual increase in the dose. I know a lot of people are terrified of inductions and there are some bad experiences out there, but just wanted to share my positive one for those of you out there who may be facing similiar situations.

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