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March 13th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Alana Rose Taylor, born 6/30/2010 @ 1:35pm
7lbs, 11oz
20 inches long

Problems during pregnancy:

Since about the 20 week mark, I was watched very closely by my doctor due to my chronic hypertension and was placed on a very low dose of Aldomet for my blood pressure. At about 28 weeks, I ended up developing Pre-E which I had with my first child so I knew what to expect...LOTS of doctor visits and bedrest. I started going in twice a week at the 32 week mark for a BPP and then an NST later in the week. I loved being able to see her on the u/s so much. Most of my BPP's were good except two or three in which my fluid levels were really low OR she wouldn't move for the technician so that meant having to go over to the main hospital at the Maternity Assessment Center to be hooked up to monitors for further testing. All of the times I was at the MAC, she looked great and the most they had to do was administer fluids through an IV to get my fluid levels back up.

I went in for my weekly BPP on Monday 6/28. My doctor did a pelvic and I was 2cm dilated. My fluid levels were still really low and my blood pressure was up (157/90). I also started seeing spots in my vision and I was feeling "dizzy" and just "off", so my doctor scheduled me for induction on 6/30 (ALMOST made it to July! I would have never made it to my July 24th due date with the Pre-E). This go around I didn't have Pre-E as severe as I did with my first daughter, Ashlynn, but it was still very scary to think that I could become eclamptic. I was worried about my baby's health but I was worried about my health as well. I had some pretty precious people I needed to be in this world to take care of, my DD and DH along with my unborn baby girl.

DH and I had everything packed and ready to go to the hospital, but I didn't sleep very well those two nights before we were to be at the hospital on 6/30/10. I was just anxious. I had BTDT since I already had a little girl, but I guess knowing what to expect can be worse.

Day of induction:

We arrived at the hospital at 5:00am on 6/30. I was so nervous. I was checked into L&D and I changed into a very attractive hospital gown. The nurses were super nice and went through the list of questions they had to ask my while they got me all hooked up to the IV. I was started on a low dose of Pitocin and antibiotics, since I was positive for GBS, at about 6:00am. I didn't really feel any contractions until about 7:00am, but they were very light and were bearable. My nurse checked on me frequently and every time she came in she asked me if I needed anything for pain yet. I kept telling her no, that the contractions weren't anything I couldn't handle yet and that I wanted to try to hold out as long as I could. Now, in the back of my mind I kept thinking that I would like to make it without ANY pain medication. I wanted to be brave. They kept gradually increasing my Pitocin and it became clear at about 10:00am that my contractions were becoming past what I could handle. I labored bravely until about 11am without any drug intervention then when my contractions started to get unbearable, I went ahead and requested an epidural.

I had an epidural with my DD and I had NO PAIN with my first delivery, so I thought I was "good to go" after they put my epidural in. Well, that is not how it worked out. The epidural only semi-worked for an hour, I was still able to feel pressure and then as my contractions got closer together and more intense I felt EVERYTHING! It had completely worn off when I was about 7-8cm dilated so with my wonderful husband coaching me through every painful contraction I was able to hold off the very necessary urge to PUSH HER OUT!! The nurse kept telling me to not push since I wasn't fully dilated...that is all I wanted to do. I kept trying to breathe through each contraction trying to resist the urge to push for several more contractions (which seemed liked FOREVER). She checked me again and she said "we need the doctor in here now, we are having a baby!", I was fully dilated and waiting on my doctor to get there. Just in time for my next contraction, my doctor came running in, got in position said "if you feel you need to push, push." It took one push, her head was out and then one more push and our beautiful baby girl, Alana, was born at 1:35pm!! I couldn't believe how fast it went. I mean, literally, two real pushes and she was in this world. I remember with my first daughter how long it took for me to push and how tired I was after it was all over. Luckily, I had no tears or lacerations this time so I didn't have to be stiched up. I remember with my first I had been ripped all over and how painful the recovery was.

After it was all over and we settled into another hospital room, I remember thinking that I was "kind of" glad that the epidural didn't work. Alana is going to be our last child (unless some SURPRISE decides to happen) and I am glad I had the experience of the pain. I was proud of myself because I DID IT!! Pitocin is no joke.

Picture right after being born:


Me, DH and Alana:
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