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March 13th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Kelsey Elizabeth-July 9th 2010
4 weeks later and finally getting to write this:

I found out at 34 weeks that I had Obstetric Cholestasis and would be induced so that the baby would be okay(small chance of stillbirth if baby carried past 38 weeks). Had my last ob appt on Wed July 7th and was 3-4 cm so I was given the okay to have my induction on Friday the 9th. On Friday we got to the hospital at 615 am and registered and got to my room at 630 am. Since it was change of shift we finally saw the nurse around 715 am. My Dr came in at 8am and checked me-still 3-4 cm-and broke my water. They started pitocin at 820 am and was managing the pain fine but was recommended by everyone (including DH) to get my epidural now before the pain gets really bad so I gave in(I was going to get one eventually). Got my epidural at 950 am and after a few minutes I felt so sleepy and had a hard time keeping my eyes open and staying awake. Turns out my blood pressure was dropping and they had to give me lots of IV fluids and a dose of ephedrine to bring it back up(my lowest BP was 73/25).After letting me rest for awhile the dr checked me at 1120 am and I was 6cm. The nurse came in around 12noon and said that I was having ctx every 2 min which is want they wanted and that I should tell her when I feel pressure. Right after she left the room I thought I felt pressure but wasn't sure because I had never felt pressure with my other deliveries so I waited a another minute and felt it again so I rang for the nurse. She checked me and Kelsey was right there so she got the dr and got the room ready. I pushed twice and Kelsey came out with the 2nd push-either the dr didn't think I needed an episiotomy or there was no time for one because I ended up with a small tear but otherwise okay. Kelsey was born on July 9th at 1215 pm- 6lb 10oz and 20 inches. Light brown hair and dark blue eyes-she looks like her oldest sister Jillian.

Jillian holding Kelsey

Samantha holding Kelsey

Kelsey at 3 weeks
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