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March 13th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Noah Andrew
8lbs 10 ozs
21.5 in.

It all started Wednesday, July 21 about 11 pm I started having contractions 10 minutes apart, but then they completely stopped at 4 am.

All day Thursday I was fine. Mike had called my mom to come down and stay with us until the baby arrived. Thursday night about 11 pm I started contracting again at about 8 minutes apart and some were closer. Mike insisted that we go to labor and delivery, however I knew it was not time to go yet. We got there and they checked me I was still 1 cm and my contractions had died off again.

Friday, we all just hung out around the house. Again, contractions started up around 11 pm and were consistently 8 minutes apart, and were a little stronger than the ones I'd been having before. I went and took a bath and that didn't stop them. I'm not sure if they stopped or not, but at about 4:30 I finally fell asleep in the rocking chair. I think I woke up feeling some contractions but Im not sure. My mom took the kids back to her house that morning and while dh was in the shower I started to feel contractions again, at 8 minutes apart. The original plan was to go to Walmart and pick up a few things and then come home. We decided we would just go to Jackson and walk around and do some shopping there.

We went and had lunch and then walked around the malls for a few hours, even got some things that the kids needed. After a few hours my contractions were about 4 minutes apart but as soon as I would sit down they would go back to 8 minutes apart.

It was about 6:30 I wanted to go have dinner but Mike thought we should go to the hospital to get checked out. We went and it was the same nurse I had had Thursday night she checked me and I was 2-3 which means I'd had a little progress. She called the dr and he told us to go walk around for a while and then come back at 9pm.

So we went to dinner and then went and walked around at Meijers for a few minutes while we were there, the contractions started to pick up in intensity. When we went to leave Meijer, the van didn't want to start right away but it eventually started and we got back to the hospital shortly after 9 pm.

When the nurse came and checked me she said I hadn't changed much but that the dr suggested we do a sleep-in and then start pitocin in the morning. I didn't really want that but had a feeling this little guy wasn't going to wait that long because I was contracting regularly and they were getting more intense.

They put me in a labor and delivery room and put an IV in and got the penicillin started since I was GBS positive. Then they gave me some Nubane to help me sleep at about 11 pm.

I slept until about 1 am and then had to go to the bathroom so Mike helped me get there but then we couldn't get the monitor back in place so the nurse came in and checked me and I was at 4. I slept for about another hour and had to go to the bathroom again. Then I tried to go back to sleep but the contractions really picked up in closeness and intensity. At 3 am I asked if I could get in the tub and they told me there was no reason not to. I got into the tub and just laid there with my eyes closed. I had Mike turn on some classical music. With each contraction I remember just moaning through them and focusing on the music. At one point Mike left the bathroom and I was yelling for him. I asked what he was doing, he was turning on my lap top so he could watch a movie. I told him he needed to stay in the bathroom with me. At some point I told Mike I was not getting a break between contractions and was feeling a lot of pressure. Mike called the nurse and she got down to our room really quickly. She made me get out of the tub which I was not happy about at all. She wanted me to go straight to the bed but I made her stop so I could get through a contraction or two. When I finally made it to the bed she checked me and I was at 8 so she called the dr to get there asap. I had one contraction that I was able to breathe through but the next one I had the urge to push so I did. Mike and the nurse kept telling me to breathe through it and I tried but it didn't work. My next contraction, I kept pushing and dh was telling me not to and I yelled at him but that's the only thing that feels good. The dr wasn't in the room yet so the nurse is like let me get my gloves on at least. At the end of that contraction my water broke. The nurse checked me and I was complete, she called down to the nurses station to tell the to tell the dr I was complete.. With the next contraction I pushed twice and he was out. And Mike got to announce that it was a boy. Noah Andrew was born at 4:49 am weighing 8lbs 10ozs 21.5 in.

The dr finally made it in a few minutes after he was born, in time to deliver the placenta.
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