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March 13th, 2012, 02:46 PM
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Wow, I feel horrble for u.
As an Early Childhood Educator, I know for a fact that these types of children are very attention seeking. For one, when there is a baby in the house (20 months), and one on the way too, that will really add on to her outbursts. They will try whatever it takes to get some kinda attention, weather it is negative or positive attention. There is sometimes jelousy there too, they feel like: here is this baby that they love more than me, or mommy has a baby in her tummy and this baby will take my place. And that is whu she is prob lashing out.
However to hit you? Absolutely not okay, that is agression and it needs to be adressed imediately. I am wondering, when she hits u, is there any consequences? And if there is, what is it? Make sure that for positive behavior, u do let her know that her action was nice, thoughful and etc....and for negatice behavior, u shoudl be very consistan with it. Never let anything slide. Children are very smart and they fully learn to take advantage of situations.
Take away things she enjoys doing, take away her tv, her outside time, etc....
I would liek to know more if u wanna offer more scenarios.
Good luck, but I hope this prob gets addressed before baby is here, cuz it will get worse.
Oh, one more thing, spend quality time with her, and only her. Maybe one day dad can take her somewhere she enjoys going to, and make sure converstaion and interests are only about talking about the pregnancy, or her 20month sibling. Give her on-on-one time and attention and see if she imoproves. You as the mom, do the same. Maybe, take hr to the nail salon and get pedicures together, try it, I wanna see how it turns out!
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