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March 15th, 2012, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Crystallee View Post
I just got a chance to read through journals and catch up. I would honestly stop bcp's now if you want to start trying this summer. It can take some women a good year to get back to normal after stopping bcp's. I would just do it now, start temping now, get to know your cycle and everything really well before you start.
I'm hoping that stopping in May or June will be early enough - it seems a little silly to wait just a few more months, but that's what we've agreed to. I know that it can take a while, but I hope it won't or that 3 months will be enough for my cycles to sort themselves out. We're not going to start trying until August at the earliest because I want to graduate in May before giving birth.

In other news, a friend of mine is unexpectedly pregnant, as is my cousin. Good grief! I'm okay (mostly) with them, but it just seems a little crazy. My friend is married and happy about a baby, but they weren't trying at all, so it's been a huge adjustment for her. My cousin is also married, but her DH is unemployed, so things are a little dicey there...not sure if they were trying or not, but it seems like not, from everyone's reaction.

I had coffee with a friend of mine who gave birth in one of the hospitals I'm considering. She had a negative experience, but I think partially it's because what she set herself up for - she was totally traumatized that she had a c-section, and just can't handle the idea of it again. She also got very little breastfeeding help. I found the NY Department of Health statistics on hospitals, and found that the one that is actually 100% covered on my insurance (the university's hospital) actually has a much higher rate of breastfeeding, and the c-section rate is comparable if you're looking at first-time c-sections, rather than the c-section rate as a whole. The only downside is that it's much more difficult to get to. Still, it's definitely on my list to consider and tour when we get to that stage.

Otherwise, enjoying spring break here. My parents came to visit and we talked a little about grandkids. She's like "I'm ready tomorrow, so whenever you guys want to - go for it, if you get your school done." How's that for a mixed message?
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