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March 15th, 2012, 11:42 PM
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I like the suggestions Midge gave. I grew up about 25 minutes away from NYC nearby in New Jersey.

I would suggest, instead of visiting the Empire State Building - go to Rockefeller Center instead ... (where they have the all famous ice skating rink and scene from Home Alone) -- when you are there you can go to the Top of the Rock -- you go up the rockefeller center and on the roof you can overlook all of NYC and then-some. The benefit to going up to the top of here instead of the Empire State Building, is that you can see the Empire State Building from up there and that is a nice site :-) Plus, it is significantly cheaper and less crowded than the Empire State Building (b/c all tourists go there) -- Go at night when everything is lit up -- you will not regret it :-)

Also -- I went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island a few times when I was younger. I remember it being an all day thing and wasn't all that impressed -- unless you actually have relatives that came on boat to Ellis Island back-in-the-day and want to see their names in the books that are there. I remember being bored everytime we went as a kid. And now you can't even go to the top of the Statue of Liberty b/c of security. You can only go up to the top of the base. Instead I would recommend taking a water taxi type tour that brings you out on the water and you go under some famous bridges and pass by the Statue of Liberty -- great for photo ops. :-)

I've never stayed in a hotel in NY since I lived so close by, but I do agree, that anything around $175/night is very reasonable.

If you go to Central Park - make sure you stop by the zoo that they have there!! It's not GINORMOUS by any means, so you can be in and out in only a few hours or maybe even 1 hour or less :-)

Broadways shows are always a nice 'filler' -- you can make a nice day out of it and get it done cheap if you know the tricks. If you have time to 'waste' you can stand online at one of the ticket places on the street. They sell tickets for shows happening that day for 1/2 price. Or you can book ahead of time and also get a dinner/show type of thing ... some restaurants do a before show seating and an after show seating. There are soooo many shows to go see with family of all ages. I have yet to see anything I didn't like on Broadway and personally, I'm no a huge fan of theater.
If you like to eat family style type of meals - try out Carmine's it's near broadway (i think??). Everybody raves about it. I have nothing bad to say about it, but I can't rave either. It's good, not bad.

Chinatown is a quick thing you can do as well as Little Italy -- you can try their cuisines ... and buy little knickknacks for cheap. You'll have a hard time finding any good 'knock-off' purses these days... Chinatown used to be good for that. (I know, I'm bad)

I haven't been to Ground Zero in a year, and I'm sure it's changed since I last went... that is something even as a local, I'd like to see now.

Oh. Madame Tussauds is a pretty fun thing to do. ONLY if you remember to bring your camera with you - it makes for many awesome photo ops with many famous people *ahem* I mean, many famous people in wax.

If 115F index doesn't phase you - then the summer months should be a breeze... Although, with the type of warm winter we've been having, I can only imagine how hot it's going to be this summer. I find myself often going during the summer. It's hot, but I'm usually in and out of buildings.

Ooooh, also, you can hit up the big Century21 store for some nice shopping - a few years ago they changed the tax law in NYC, now there is no tax on clothing in NYC so get your fill.

Places like Houlihans and other chains, you'll notice, are super expensive in the city. (Hamburgers = $13+ without sides and a drink) lol...

I'm rambling, there is sooooo much to say about NYC -- I wish I could help you on where to stay. I'd say, to get the real feel of it, stay somewhere near times square. Taxi, taxi everywhere, if you can -- don't drive -- parking is EXPENSIVE!!! and as you can imagine, you'll need to be confident/aggressive driver to make your way around the city. The subway system is a great way to travel too, but it does get AWFULLY hot in those tunnels in the Summer -- if you go then, make sure it's OFF peak travel -- so you don't collide with the rush hour and all that body heat. UGH...

If you are looking for good reviews on where to stay and dining etc ... check out tripadvisor. I am always on that site whenever I travel looking for places to stay and try out. They haven't let me down yet, and then make sure you put your reviews on that site too!!

Let us know what you decide to do!! -- One thing is for sure though -- you'll never be bored in NYC.
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