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March 16th, 2012, 04:15 PM
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since my sons special needs arent always apparent (high functioning autism-aspergers and most likely ODD)alot of people have commented he is just spoiled and a brat(the tantrums,hitting,throwing and yelling-growling). obviously us at home(me,dad,sister) see the brunt of it and his teachers also. since headstart actually. we did have some issues with my in laws,just because theyre convinced he's just being a kid. my mom has accepted it with no questions and when he stays over i always lay out his routine so it can be close to normal and she sticks to it. she's actually been a great help which is weird for her. maybe because both her and i have mental disorders so we understand there may be things wrong on the inside even if it doesnt show outside(bipolar for us both and added ADD for me). my dad,sister,stepsister,and stepmom took a little while and still think you can discipline them normally which in their opinion is a spanking but i've made it clear only in dire circumstances(running into the road etc.(no comments,my opinion)) and i can understand being in denial because i was. in headstart everyone said it was one thing or another,usually aspergers and i would just make excuses. i even blamed myself!!!but finally in kindergarten we realized there was something going on and took him in to get diagnosed. obviously thats not the end of our battle... by far it seems but at least we can sort of understand and explain to others
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