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March 16th, 2012, 10:43 PM
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Well, another wrench has been thrown in the works. Hell, at this point, the works have been completely replaced by a pile of broken wrenches.

So my periods have gotten more and more painful for the last year or so. I did my normal thing (ignore and think happy thoughts) for a while, but these last 2 have caused me to miss work, which isn't acceptable. I went in for my normal pap smear and whatnot yesterday and talked to my doctor about it and some other weird **** going on in that region (bleeding from places that shouldn't, pain associated with basically every activity that involves the undercarriage) and he thinks I might have endometriosis.

On the bright side this got me motivated to make my first appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist. So, that's happening in 2 weeks.

2 weeks!

I'm almost giddy. I'd be completely giddy of endometriosis didn't seem to fit so well while simultaneously requiring surgery to even diagnose.

I'll keep you all updated!

Here's to fertility!
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