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March 19th, 2012, 03:20 AM
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Great your house sold Mari! I know I haven't been around for ages but I feel like last time I did check in you were trying to sell it, must have been difficult for you but hopefully all settles well!

Great news on your scan Betsy!

Shame you missed out on your scrapping time Beth but yes, one day you will look back and be glad for those extra snuggles .

Jonah has his 5th birthday party on Saturday and his actual birthday today so I also sent cupcakes to school for his class. He had a blast! It was supposed to be a party at a park but it looked like it would rain (and it did 1/2 way through) so we ended up having it at our house. The kids (about 25) were so well behaved! Yes they raced around and made lots of noise but there were no fights or pulling things out of cupboards etc... guess they're a bit older now .

We had a pinata, and also played pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel. I love stuffing the pinata and seeing how excited the kids get and I keep a bag of things back to give things to any children who don't get very much in the mad grab for things!

I know I should post photos but I feel unmotivated to jump onto photobucket!
Have a good week everyone .

Oh and did anyone see in the TTC main section Lelila's post about being 4 years post cancer after being told she wouldn't see her son start kindergarten? Her dh has had a vasectomy so they can try to have another baby but she's scared (understandably)... anyway she posted that a week or so ago, I only just checked in and I did reply but didn't really have any good advice... just thought I'd mention in case someone else wants to give her some encouragement!

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