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March 19th, 2012, 11:07 AM
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Today was my first prenatal appt. It went well! My last first pre-natal appt turned into a discussion about how I was likely to miscarry, so I was nervous and DH came with me. This one was much better and probably what a first prenatal appt is supposed to be like!

I had to have a pap today, which made me nervous, but I let the doctor do it. DH left the room for that part. He didn't want to see that even though he was at the other end.

We discussed the prenatal testing options, but since I'm nervous about this pregnancy she suggested I wait until after we hear the heartbeat before reading the literature and coming to a decision. I have to talk to DH but I think I'm okay with doing the blood testing, but no amnio. I'm not sure, though. I know I'm definitely against having an amnio.

The doctor gave me the same spiel as I got over the phone about the progesterone. However, I told the doctor about how I was so nervous about my loss point that I spent the day in bed and that it makes me nervous that the progesterone was lower. She said that if it'll make me feel better she'd go ahead and prescribe progesterone or continue to test my progesterone for me, but she also said that there is a point where too much information is also going to scare me. I said I'd take the Prometrium.

She wants to give me reassurance of hearing the heartbeat and said that we'd likely be able to pick it up on ultrasound by the end of this week or beginning of next week. When the nurse calls me to give me my beta results tomorrow we're supposed to schedule the first ultrasound. The doctor wants to avoid bringing me in too early because she said that can create its own set of worries if we don't hear it, so I'm thinking that we may have our first ultrasound late next week!

I also had six vials of blood drawn for my prenatal blood workup.

I got little sleep last night and decided to take today off work, so now I'm home relaxing. I'm glad I took the day off now since the doctor did a pap! I still haven't let DH have sex with me because I want to wait until after the first ultrasound to make sure everything is taking hold the way it's supposed to!

for good betas tomorrow so I can hear my rainbow's heartbeat next week!!!

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