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March 19th, 2012, 12:56 PM
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So literally since like 2pm yesterday Ava has barely been moving... She usually is super active at night and in the mornings. Today I have felt nothing. So of course I get my doppler out and I can find her heartbeat BUT she just isn't moving!

You think I should wait it out maybe another day since I am getting a heartbeat or go to L&D?


So I texted my husband about all that happened and he told me to wait till he got home before I did anything... So I did he got home around 4:30 and we ate around 5:30. I specifically got a Sprite to see if we could get her moving. Well I sipped on that Sprite for the hour and finally she started kicking! Big kicks too! You could see them from the outside! She is also kicking while I wrote this. It was over 24 hours for movement though... I'm gonna call my OB tomorrow and tell them. I also just barely woke up and could barely breathe so I started to cough and then I just randomly threw up. My husband woke up and was like completely shocked. It shocked me! So my stomach is now upset and I'm having BH contractions. So I'll be mentioning that tomorrow too. Maybe she was pushed against my stomach which caused me to throw up? Idk but it was no warning and very scary.

Thanks for all your guys awesome responses. You are all the best.

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