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March 19th, 2012, 07:28 PM
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Starting this past Tuesday Danny started whining several times daily that his belly was hurting. Saturday night and then again last night he woke up *SCREAMING* in pain... We started Carafate before bed last night to try to coat his stomach and help whatever was causing all the pain but so far it is no better. He has also started crying a few times nearly vomitting because his reflux is getting so bad. That has happened 2 times today alone! He will cough and sputter while drinking something and I thought it had just "gone down the wrong tube" which happens relatively frequently (as in once a week at most). I asked if that is what happened and he said no. He said "The frog (which is to blame for all the tummy problems) is making my (food or water) come back up into my mouth and trying to make me throw up!" Then he starts crying... We saw GI in Cinci this past week and so far they have been no help. They are supposed to be "talking it over" and call back this week with some kind of plan... :/ We will see how that goes... Anyway... I guess I am just venting that he feels so miserable and there is NOTHING that I can do to help him...

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