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March 20th, 2012, 07:22 AM
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Sorry I've been scarce! Been busy with work, jury duty (so tiered of that!) and then my PR was taking up a lot of time last week with our over competitiveness.

I have less than 2 months to go! I finally met with my delivery doc last week. She did my D&C in 2010, and was awesome, so I was kind of excited to see her under good circumstances. I'm also keeping her as my regular OB/GYN after the baby. She was good with all my craziness, like keeping the placenta. She did try to calm my fears of ever doing an induction again- saying her 2nd time moms go much much faster. I still plan on avoiding it though. Also at my regular appt with the peri, they measured where my placenta is- it is now 1.69cm from my cervix which clears me for a vaginal delivery completely!
I did get a mini lecture on contractions. My doc doesn't like using the term Braxton Hicks, because he has had to many women come in saying they were having BH contractions because they were only 28-30 weeks, and ended up being dilated 3+. So I'm suppose to watch them and if they start getting at all regular get my butt in there (more than 3 an hour). But at this point everything is high and tight.

Baby's' room is almost done. I thought I was going to finish it this past weekend, but ended up with a sick toddler on Sunday so didn't get it quite done. Hopefully I will finish this weekend and can post pics!

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