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March 20th, 2012, 11:28 AM
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Hi! I will share my story. My name is Brandy (28) and dh is Steve (27). I went off bcp in May of 2011, DH and I waited the first month as suggested by our dr but then started ttc right after that. It took us 9 months + to finally get pregnant. During that timeframe I learned I have PCOS and began taking Metformin in December of 2011. Unfortunately the initial dosage ended up not being strong enough and they had to increase it in February about 4-5 days before I O'd and I got pregnant that cycle.

We also tried a couple different things that cycle too- Dh started taking GNC Performance and Vitality vitamins and had been on them 2-3 weeks by the time I O'd; I took a spoonful of honey with cinnamon sprinkled on it every day until about 3-4 days before I O'd (this is supposed to help with egg viability, I quit taking it because O was delayed and I was frustrated), I also ate pineapple (meat and core) from 1dpo-7dpo. Pineapple has an enzyme in it that is supposed to help with implantation and it is most concentrated in the core. Most articles said to eat it from 1-5dpo but it also said people with IVF ate it from 1-5dpo. I decided to eat it a little longer since implantation doesnt occur until 7-10dpo.

Honestly, the cycle that I got pregnant I had given up on it happening that cycle. My o was delayed, I had been getting a + opk for 2 weeks (on and off) and I decided I was done trying to time bd for a cycle when I had no idea if/when my body was going to cooperate. DH intiated bd'ing one Saturday night before bed, Sunday morning my temp was still down and I told him I hadn't o'd the day prior- his response was "Good, now if you O today the little swimmies will be waiting" sure enough I took my temp the next morning and I had O'd.

The only advice I can offer is to hang in there and take it day by day. It is ok to be frustrated, get upset, feel like quitting, get bored with temping and miss days. You will have those days, I absolutely did and felt that way most of my last cycle---but I PROMISE you, all of the months of frustration go right out the window the first time you see those 2 lines on an hpt!

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