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March 20th, 2012, 11:38 AM
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Hello! My name is Christina and I'm from the April DDC. My DH and I started trying to concieve in July 2007. I went off the pill, but never had regular periods. so after having 3 or so periods in 7 months I went in to see a dr. I was diagnosed as being "annovulatory" and got started on Metphormin. Its a drug that is supposed to be for diabetics, but is know to make you "spontaniously ovulate". (although not proven to work for fertility/ovulation) the first month after being on it we got pregnant. I miscarried at 6 weeks. We tried agian (and I was actually having regular-ish periods) for a few months and got pregnant in September 2008. My DS was born in May 2009.

We decided that since it was so difficult to get pregnant the first time, we would start asap after DS was born. Since I was nursing I didn't get my period back until May 2010. I started on the metphormin again and got pregnant in Sept 2010. I miscarried again at 7 weeks or so. I went to the dr to see if there was anything that could be done about the miscarriages. my dr reccommended starting Prometreum. it's a suppiment for progesterone - which is a horemone that your body is supposed to produce to tell it that it's pregnant and to keep nourishing the baby. I was now on metphormin and prometreum, and using ovulation predictors since my periods were a bit irregular (28-37days). We got pregnant again in April 2011 - only to miscarry at 10 weeks.

I felt pretty discouraged at this point. honestly we were probably only going to try one more time since i didn't think I could take another loss. We did have an SA done on DH and a large blood panel done on me to be sure there was nothing else medically that they could find out to be wrong.

We were keeping track of ovulation and DTD every day or every other day during fertile times. We finally got pregnant in August 2011. We are due in April with TWO girls our twins are identical (random and having nothing to do with any fertility drugs, not hereditary either) We couldn't be happier and we might eventually try for a 4th. but we know that we will be prepared for a long wait.
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