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March 21st, 2012, 07:24 AM
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Originally Posted by WrightWife View Post
DH and I got married in 2001 and because I was 19 we decided to put off having kids for a bit. Well, after 8 years of marriage we figured we were ready and decided to go off of the pill. We had lots of fun trying for awhile, but then when nothing was happening I started OPK's and each month never got a positive (but my periods were 30 days like clockwork). After trying over a year we went to my OB who put me on 50mg of clomid. After a few months of no success, the dosage was moved to 100mg. I was having a very difficult time emotionally with all of this, and ultimately felt like a failure as a woman. There were so many people who would ask constantly when we were going to have kids, and we didn't share we were ttc so that made it even harder. I found JM in the middle of all of this and found amazing support, but still longed to have a baby and was getting very frustrated and depressed. It effected my entire world, even my work. In June of last year we decided, along with our RE to give it one more shot and then move on to IUI, and hope that worked since DH's SA was above normal and we knew I was the issue. In July I took my 100mg of clomid, but was done. i was so drained that month I decided I didn't care anymore and didn't track anything. We were going on a cruise for our 10th wedding anniversary and that was where my head was. I just wanted to get away with DH and forget about everything. When we got back from our cruise I had the usually CD 24 bloodwork and like we thought, the numbers weren't good. We were ready to move on and get started with IUI. On august 12th AF was due, and although usually i would have tested 1000 times in the days beforehand, I had no desire this month. I woke up and on my way to the bathroom realized af was due, but I had no symptoms of her coming. I figured "what the heck" and decided to just go for it. I peed in my red solo cup and within seconds of putting my IC test into the cup it was positive! I lost my mind. DH was just leaving for work and I quickly ran down the stairs and out the front door, in my underwear, banging on the back of his truck so he didn't drive off. I was crying, I was shaking, and he was looking at me like i was nuts standing in the front yard in my underwear! He rolled down his window and waving the test around I said "I didn't plan on telling you this way, but we are pregnant!". He looked at me and said "but the tests this month all came back bad, it can't be". We went inside and sitting there on the counter was my cup of pee and I did another IC, a FRER, and a digi, all of which were quickly positive. I immediately went to the doctor that morning for betas and the number came back over 1800. We were over the moon. It turns out the baby was conceived on our cruise, the day after our 10th wedding anniversary, best vacation souviner ever! Everyone told me to stop trying and it would happen, but its not easy to stop trying. Well, giving up worked for us. Our little monster is due in 3 weeks!

Good luck ladies- this is not an easy road you are on. Just know that you are not alone.
Wow. I'm crying at work after reading your story.

Thanks so much. I too am in the phase of being numb, and your story just hit home, at least for me.

Bless you and your family!
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