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March 22nd, 2012, 07:22 AM
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I'm still working on losing weight because I have been overweight for a long time now but I had a good start while in the hospital (40 lbs - water weight, baby, hospital food, depression, and breastfeeding).

The breastfeeding kept me losing but it's not going anywhere anymore.

I'm a stronger believer in increasing exercise and eating healthy. Dieting has its benefits but sometimes we eat too little and our body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to the weight.

Now I have plateaued at 183 lbs so here's what I'm doing:
- Beach Body's 10 minute trainer - For us busy moms... you either do a warm up, 10 minute work out, and cool down (14 mins total) or you do 3 10 minute work outs over the course of a day. I just started so I'm hoping to see some results soon.
- Quit eating out as much (less fast food/restaurants and more cooking at home).
- Sticking to a specific pattern of snacks (esp at work where I tend to go out and grab cookies or fast food if I don't bring food) and making sure that I eat a good but not HUGE lunch and dinner. I eat at least 2 fruits a day (banana, orange) and whole grain snacks. I also make sure to have protein and vegetables for dinner.
- Taking stairs instead of elevator at work (but I'm only on the 3rd floor)
- I'm going to start increasing my protein because it works!
- I eat oatmeal almost every day for the fiber and oatmeal has been shown to help you lose weight (the real oats, not the little packages). I add natural peanut butter to make it more filling and to get some protein.
- Allow myself one dessert a week.

I'm very serious about this now because being in the ICU for my BP terrified me and I don't want to end up in the hospital again because I've damaged myself with junk and didn't take care of my heart. I know preeclampsia happens to fit people too but I can't kid myself that being overweight with a family history of high blood pressure isn't part of the problem.

Good luck, Missy! I hope we all have some results soon!
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