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March 22nd, 2012, 07:36 AM
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I also use econobum and prefolds with a snappi. I like them but they can be exhausting to do in the middle of the night if he's wiggling around (and we still do night fun times ). They haven't leaked pee but his poop sometimes gets out of control and leaks onto the cover. Although, any diaper would leak with the amount of poop he saves up for us! Hehe.

I also have Smartipants pockets and I use them more lately. You don't have to pull the inserts out; they come out in the wash! I use the basic inserts and add a newborn one from when I had bum genius. They occasionally leak if I don't get them in the right spot on his legs. I have to make sure there isn't a gap near his butt or the pee will drip out if he's on his side (while nursing).

Bum genius worked okay for my first son but after a while the velcro stopped sticking and the elastic wore out on the legs. I think I washed them wrong!
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