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March 22nd, 2012, 04:56 PM
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Hi ladies!

I am currently pregnant with our first child, due in September. It took us 23 months to conceive. I went of BC in Feb 2010. I knew I had irregular periods, so for the first couple of months I wasn't overly concerned that I was irregular. By June I went back to my OBGYN, and she gave me provera but wasn't overly concerned either. She told me it could take 6 months. I went back again in August, got more provera and another pep talk. By October, (with only one natural period since Feb), I was pretty concerned. My OBGYN did a blood test. She called me herself and told me the results were "perfect" and I just needed to be patient. I knew something was wrong. I went to an RE with the blood results for a second opinion...he said that the results were not normal at all, and diagnosed me with PCOS.

So I started working with an RE in December 2010. We did sperm tests and an Hsg. Everything came back good. I did 7 rounds of clomid and a trigger shot with no success. I did a laproscopy in August 2011 with no real results. At this point I was getting concerned because I wanted to try a different medicine and he wanted me to go on injectibles. I went to another RE for a second opinion.

We liked the second RE better, and ended up switching to him. He had me try femara and ovidrel in December 2011. He also did a post-coital test, and basically said that we were doing it only to rule out doing an IUI if it was good, and not to worry if it was bad because the test isn't overly reliable. In the post-coital, he found NO sperm at all. I turns out that we actually go pregnant that first cycle on Femara! So do not be discouraged by a bad post coital test.

So, what I learned is that you have to advocate for yourself and trust yourself about when something isn't right. I was so concerned about hurting doctors feelings--but if I hadn't pushed we wouldn't be pregnant now!

Don't discount how hard this is. After about 1.5 years of TTC, I started going to a therapist occasionally to help me process my feelings. At one point I was crying every time I was alone, which is obvious to me now that I was depressed. I worked with my doctor to find anti-depressants to help. Going to a therapist is something that really helped me. Especially if you are working with an RE and are facing the what if we need to do IVF? What if we have to adopt? etc etc questions it just helps to talk it out with someone objective. She helped me to keep it in perspective and tried to help me balance my life a little so I wasn't thinking about TTC every single second.

Don't give up hope! You never know when the next try is going to be the one that works!

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