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5 weeks 3 days

I had a little bit of a scare this week.
On Wednesday morning I woke up with blood (about two quarter sized spots on my underwear). Throughout the day as I wiped there was less and less blood until it was almost nonexistent by the afternoon. Same thing happened Thursday, except it was even less!
Keep in mind, I have never had ANY bleeding or spotting with any pregnancy. So what was really probably just pink tinged mucus/discharge seemed like gushing in my mind. Jenny kept reassuring me that it was probably HARDLY even spotting, which definitely calmed my nerves.
Thursday I went in for a blood draw and they said "results in 48 hours"... which could have meant finding out results TODAY or MONDAY!

Praise God they called today and set my heart at ease!
My HCG was 18000 and my progesterone was 26! She said both numbers are perfect and she set up a u/s on April 4th! What a great late b-day present! Can't wait to see little baby bumble!

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