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March 23rd, 2012, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by caajje6 View Post
I am new to JM and I am currently 4 DPO. Dh and I aren't trying, but we use NFP and I O'd 4 days early this cycle and we may end up being pregnant with #7.

Even if I end up pregnant we are okay with that and will be very excited. I am probably going to test on Monday morning when I will be 8 DPO.

Good Luck to everyone waiting to test!!
Good luck to you - I hope this turns out to be a wonderful surprise for you & DH!!

Originally Posted by muffin View Post
I was on progesterone supplements for 6 cycles this go-round, but we just started with a new RE and we've JUST completed our initial testing with her, so no supplements atm. I do have about 3 days worth if I do in fact get a BFP so that I'm good until I can get a new Rx I can't wait to see what she has to say on Monday! I was able to get pregnant without the supplements last summer, but couldn't keep the pregnancy without them. (It's a really long story about as to why I didn't get the supplements that I so desperately needed, but that's a story for another day. And another board. Nobody needs to get freaked out here )
Fingers crossed for your Monday appt - I hope it's good news!!

Originally Posted by Sneetch View Post
Crossing my fingers! I'm Emily and I am on day 27 of a 29-30 day cycle. I think I have tricked myself into thinking I was pregnant before, but I don't think that's the case this time. I've already been using my IC tests for a few days, and I think I see something there, but if it's there, it's too light to get excited about, and definitely too light to show my skeptical husband. He knows I've been testing, but I haven't told him that I think this is it! I'd hate to drag him through it (again) if it's not real, so I'm waiting to tell him when I have proof other than I just feel like I am.
Did you test this morning again?? I hope this is it for you!

Originally Posted by libra71 View Post
A December baby for me; DD 01DEC! I did one HPT 11DPO and it was positive so I followed up that morning with a blood test and got the official "Congratulations, your pregnant!" I stopped BC in December and we were TTC for 3mo. Part of me didn't think it was possible for me to get pregnant; even with the lab results in front of my face, I'm still in disbelief!
CONGRATS & welcome to the Dec DDC!!!! Take a sec to post your due date in our sticky thread & I'll add you to the official due date list

Originally Posted by anothermother View Post
At 10DPO I got a BFN. I'm out. I've been having my regular AF for a couple days now so it wasn't really a surprise. We'll try again in July. Good luck to everyone else here!! Happy and Healthy 9 months to you all!!
I'm sorry I hope you get a quick BFP when you start TTC again in July!

Originally Posted by AK Mom View Post
I am lurking, hoping to join this group. I took a month off TTC. If I join, my EDD will be 12/14ish. I will have a scheduled c-section (#4) around 12/7.
I have three kids DD - July 2002, DS Sept 2003, and DS March 2010.
I am almost 31 and hope this will be my month and we will complete our family.
I plan to test in a couple of weeks.
I hate the TTW, but wish me luck and sanity.
Good luck to you - when do you plan to start testing??

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