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March 23rd, 2012, 05:44 PM
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I had some awful cramping on Wednesday that felt oddly similar to the cramping I had before my first miscarriage (a short three months ago) so I called my OB, who urged me to go to the ER. I went, and after six hours, had a sono, physical exam and blood work and we got a little surprise. Everything was peachy keen, HB was 134 and I am measuring 7 weeks 4 days (then, and I was thought to be 6 weeks 5 days). So as far as I know now, little bean is as healthy as ever, and I'm now 7 weeks 6 days. I've jumped almost a whole week! But, on our way to the hospital and throughout the waiting, I'd basically accepted that I was probably walking out of that ER with an appointment for a D&C. I'd just lost all hope when those cramps hit. And I realised, "What am I supposed to do if we lose this baby? What about the people who don't know? Should I pretend nothing happened, or go 'Oh, I was pregnant, sorry we didn't tell you, anyway, we miscarried.'?" I decided after that, if the news is good at the sono on Monday morning, we're telling everyone then. I'm not waiting for a loss anymore. Long story short, it was scary, but baby is fine and we're spilling the beans on monday.
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