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March 23rd, 2012, 07:50 PM
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Hope you're all feeling better Becky! We haven't had the whole family down sick for ages, touch wood. Layla did catch a few bugs when she started daycare a couple of months ago, and I expected that to happen.

Quiet weekend for us. Dh is coach for your eldest son's soccer team so he has to go a soccer clinic tomorrow. I have vouchers for a kids indoor play centre so I might take them to that - we can stay all day sometime and it completely wears them out!

Jonah has an ENT specialist appt on Monday. He's been clearing his throat for ages and we checked it all out last winter and ended up with it not being an allergy (not any he was tested for anyway), or asthma related, so the explanation was it must be habit. He stopped it for a while but it's started again and the doc wants to make sure there is nothing untoward going on in his throat (of course makes me worry when she said that and I was thinking, why didn't someone suggest an ENT last year??)... anyway, I got an appt quickly so at least I'm not going to be worrying about it for months.

Have a good weekend .

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