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March 25th, 2012, 01:12 AM
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I got "practice makes perfect" tattoed on my left foot when I retired from dancing aged 17, I thought it was fitting as I had broken that foot 4 times through dancing.

I have "she flies with her own wings" on the left side of my ribs, kind of where my bra strap is, if you know what I mean. Its quite small. I got that when I was 19.

I have a tiny little pink bow on my wrist, I also got that when I was 19.

When LO is born, I'm considering getting a little flower arrangement above my ankle or on my hip with our birth flowers in a bunch.
A Primrose for OH (February) a Lily of the Valley for Lucy (May), a Water Lily for me (July) and either a Gladiolus or an Aster for LO, depending on if he or she comes before his or her due date

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