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March 25th, 2012, 04:45 PM
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Hello! I am new on here but I have not had my lil one yet. It is a good chance I will have my lil girl in the next few weeks... Here is my story why it is possible that I will have her early!

Before I start, I would like to share some of the complications I have first:
  • gestational diabetes (stated taking insulin around 24 weeks AND been taking metformin since the beiginning and before pregnacy for prediabetes)
  • Hashimottos disease (hypothyroidism- before and during pregnancy)
  • mild preeclampsia - as of this week
  • possible placenta issues and baby not growing as well as expected!
I am 26 yrs old married into the military! We have 2 lil girls who are 4 and soon to be 2... we are due June 1st (30 weeks along) with another lil girl! So when I was 8/9 weeks along my placenta tore some but healed about 2 weeks after that. She was growing on time with her due date till after 20 weeks along... even my uterus is growing on time... then around 23 weeks my uterus stopped growing... at each appt after that it measured at 23 weeks... and I was not gaining weight so she scheduled an u/s. The u/s showed she was around 23/24 weeks also while I was suppose to be around 26 1/2 weeks along. My dr is a lil worry because even my uterus isnt growing. She scheduled me to go out of town (2 hrs away) to a high risk dr (perientogist) to do a high risk u/s and an appt with him! Then they did another u/s 2 weeks later and she grew a tad bit more but not by much... my uterus measured 24 weeks while I am 30 weeks along! So while I am waiting on my appt (its this Wed), I developed mild preeclampsia and now on strict bedrest! So now I have to worry about that and worry about the baby growth! My dr did tell me she does not think I am going to make it to term and be prepared to deliver in the next few weeks... we just dont know when yet! Its a day by day and week by week thing now! Its crazy! She also told me its a possibilty that they might keep in the other town (it has a NICU) and watch my extra closely just in case of an emergency.... but she thinks I am going to deliver there for sure! So I have to pack a hospital bag now and be ready for anything right now... its super scarey! I never had preeclampsia or high blood pressure with the other 2 or before pregnancies! This happened overnight!!

Even though I have not had my lil girl yet... there is a good chance I will soon and she wont be full term! Have any of you heard of this kind of situation before?

__________________________________________________ ______________
So we went and saw the perientologist yesterday... and this is what we found out:
She has a growth restriction.... Her weight is under 3 percentile and she is measuring about 26 weeks (when I am 31 weeks along as of tomorrow)... She is the same as she been since 2 weeks ago esp her weight grr...

Her fluid level is at a 9 which is in the normal low!

And my bp is still an issue with protein in my urine....

He thinks the placenta is not working properly so its causing her not to grow properly and for my body to go crazy!!

So I am in the hospital getting closly monitor for a few days AND getting steriod shots for her then we will go from there.... what do u think might happen? I am so new at all of this esp since my other two pregnancies been good!

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