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March 26th, 2012, 06:11 AM
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I went in to hospital to do the basic bp and urine tests. (I am planning my second homebirth BUT always go though the hospitals antenatal care so they have a file on me 'just in case' I need to be transferred to hospital they have my info). ANYWAY I digress. So I told DH not to bother coming as it would be a simple straight forward appointment. AND well they pulled out a sonogram machine.

I saw the little beating heart. Then it hit me! OMG I totally could ask. Now, we have not told our kiddos YET (about the pregnancy) as we were planning to wait until after our 'big scan' at the end of April so it was not even something I was thinking about.

Plus I was totally convinced I was having a girl. I mean no doubt in my mind! So, back to the story...

I asked if she could see anything and.......

It's a BOY!!! OMG!! I am still in shock!!! Add me to the blue team!

(I feel bad my daughter will not have a sister though but that's ok)

We are very happy.

Now, DO WE tell the kids???? Might wait until Easter break I am still not ready for everyone at the kids school to know I'm pregnant yet!
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