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March 26th, 2012, 09:37 AM
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Andrea and I, your hosts, were talking and we're both feeling like we're fighting an uphill battle to keep this board alive and kicking. With the Facebook group busy and significantly easier to access via mobile device, not many people are visiting this board, let alone posting much.

We've tried to get things going, but it isn't really working. And it isn't really anyone's fault- just a reality of accessibility and everyone's schedules. (And maybe our boring posts, ha!)

We're probably both going to step down as hosts. It's not that we want to abandon ship per se, but it kind of feels like a ghost ship here and that we're going down with it! I'll still pop in and try to keep new posts coming now and again, but it doesn't feel like many folks are going to miss our few host posts.

Any pleas to get us to stay?! Anyone want to weigh in on what we've got going here?

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