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March 26th, 2012, 11:26 AM
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CD11. Hubby is still taking the vitamins and I am still doing the OPK. I feel better today about TTC since I had a talk with hubby.

He said he wants a family but he said sometimes his body is too tired to cooperate. I understand that since he drives a truck a few hours a day to fill vending machines, not everyday, but still it's understandable that he is too tired. He is also a bit over weight, as I mentioned before, which is possibly the biggest issue.

We are supposed to be moving at the end of May out to his parents until we can get ourselves a mobile home, which shouldn't be too long since we have a little bit saved. It's not much, but it is some. We decided around the beginning of the new year that we didn't want to rent anymore and pay a ridiculous amount for an apartment that we will never own, which is why we decided to look into a mobile home. I am excited about that! I am also looking forward to moving out there because they live out in the country, kinda, which means we can be more active We can go for walks, be outside doing yard work (especially when we get our own home), play ball. This stuff we don't feel like doing now because there is a lot of people and we aren't the most social of people.

Hopefully, by doing this, it will help our TTC journey because we won't be so lazy, but I am still hoping THIS will be THE month
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