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March 27th, 2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by brynnkelley04 View Post
HARDEES????? Those are still around OMG. LOL

I told a co-work today I was going to Subway and she told me I having to limit deli meat. What is your take on that?
If it's the sort of place that looks like the meat is kept at sub-optimal temperatures then I avoid it. If it looks as though it's being properly refrigerated I go for it.

I get a blurky tummy from meat and carbs during pregnancy. So far I've been sticking to a nice, healthy cereal for breakfast, home made veggie/fruit juice for a mid-morning snack, salad for lunch, another juice in the afternoon if needed, and a light dinner of soup/salad and maybe a little meat/fish, and I've been feeling pretty good. I made an awesome spaghetti bread (spaghetti baked into bread) last night for the family and just HAD to have some and felt yucko after and had to break open the Tums

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