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March 28th, 2012, 07:09 AM
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I tried again Beth. I received your message, and it lets me type back. It just won't let me send. ???? uggghh!

Have you seen the gender thing where you look at the hairline of your other kids? I did the Chinese charts, and they were wrong for me, but the hair thing actually was right. What you do:

Look at the back of your kids neck's at the hair line. If the hair goes in a V, then you will have the opposite sex of that child. But if it grows straight across, you will have the same sex as that child. Its interesting to look at. My daughter's was a V, and I had a boy next. (opposite sex) Like they said, and my son's grows straight across, and I am having another boy next. (same sex) The lady doing the experiment had like 5 kids, and was right every time for hers. Look at your boys and tell me if it was right for them.
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