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March 28th, 2012, 10:00 AM
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Our pregnancy books arrived!

I bought Before Your Pregnancy and The Pregnancy Book by Penny Simkin (recommended by a friend) I also bought another one but it hasn't arrived yet. Did a quick skim through of Before Your Pregnancy. After Passover (it's in a week, so in about two weeks or so), I'm going to start on the prenatals (i.e. buy them...) and get Raif on a Men's vitamin. We both eat well, but as long as we follow the guidelines they won't hurt us. I already take Vitamin D and B, which were particularly recommended.

I'm doing a couple of other things to prep. First, getting off my allergy pills. This might sound easy, but I have a weird reaction to stopping (I get hives on my hands) which is not unheard of but annoying. My dr is having me dose down, so I started with half a pill yesterday and will be on that for two weeks - the idea is two weeks at each lower dose until I can be off - but if it starts itching again to do a smaller increment. Ugh. I'm only taking the normal dose of Zyrtec, but I got the weird side effect.

Also, I read about migraines, which is depressing. Basically, you can't take anything of the things I normally take. I mean, good to know, but oy. We both get bad migraines and mine have often been hormone related, so....yeah. Otherwise, there's a ton of stuff in there that I'm going to look at more closely, but I think I want to do a survey of the pregnancy book first. I know, I'm weird, but with big books that I don't have a lot of time for, that's the way it goes!
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