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March 28th, 2012, 11:10 AM
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I know that I'm strong enough to handle whatever the outcome is. My parents can't know because they're very religious and would never let me hang out with him again. I sneak out when I stay at his house, so, they don't know that either..I know that sounds so bad. And really? I also had sex the late afternoon of the day my period ended...

I should start my period tomorrow or so. So I'll be going to the dollar store as soon as I can to get some tests. And I promise ya'll after this all blows over, I will be taking care of my self, and protecting myself, soooo much better. Thanks a bunch guys! This is all helping a lot! I'll continue to keep ya updated

Usually the day before my period I have really bad cramps but I don't have anything today. Just INSANELY sore breats. They are HUGE too. My boyfriend noticed today. Well, at back later
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