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March 28th, 2012, 05:34 PM
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Ok..I know this is probably just getting in over my head and I don't even know why Im doing it..but..while flicking channels on the tv I happen to come across 19 kids and counting..the episode where Michelle lost the baby..Honestly Ive never even cared about this show before but for some reason I felt compelled to watch it.So Im sitting here bawling like an idiot with the remote still in my hand.My oldest son(age 7) comes out of his room and ask's...Mom..whats the matter? So I had to explain to him that nothing's wrong with mommy and that I just saw something that was kinda sad..I didnt want to get into the discussion about death and dying and the fact that sometimes that happens because when my mom passed away in june he didnt take it so well..Why dont I just change the channel?.whats the matter with me? Am I completely insane? I just had to push back my docs appt because Im not going to be in town the day it was scheduled but now Im going to drive myself mad with thoughts that somethings wrong..ugh..anyone else ever do this? I fee like a complete moron now..I think I need to watch the meet the fockers or something..LOL

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