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March 29th, 2012, 01:42 AM
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I know everyone has already said this but get birth control and be very careful for now on. You will be thankful when you are older and look back and thankful that you did not have a child so young. I hate to say it but chances are very slim that you will end up forever with your current boyfriend. And trust me it stinks having a child with someone you are not in a relationship with especially if you don't get along. You may think he will be supportive but don't be so sure. If he is young also the reality of a pregnancy is likely to leave him scared as heck and when immature guys can't handle being a father so young they often turn out being jerks or walking away. I had my first child at 18, father of baby was a jerk to me and drug me through custody court. You may also be surprised how your family will react. Even if they help you they will likely lecture you and try to tell you what to do and interfere heavly with raising your baby and the relationship with your boyfriend. It is beyond horrible being pregnant and having everyone else treat it like a problem, been there. You might also be surprised that people you think will be supportive may not be. My grandmother who I was always close to and I cannot recall a bad thing she has ever done to me was so rude to me when I was pregnant at 18 and pressured me non stop to have an abortion. Our relationship has never been the same again and I am not even close to her anymore. Also there will be people who will look down on your for getting pregnant so young and sometimes it will be people who you thought were your friends or who you thought would never think bad of you. Not to mention many people in society wll treat you differantly, sad but true. Now 10 years later and I still can't pay all my bills. Yes it is really that hard to become stable once you have a child so young. If you have a child now you will likely have to work a lot to pay for the baby and so hard also trying to go to school. So basically you will spend many years working minimum wage and never moving up because you have no time, energy, or resourses left for education after you have to work and take care of your child. This is the reality many of the time and although I love my children I wish I were better educated to be more careful when I was younger. Now I see my sister who waited until she was 30 and married, she can be a stay at home mom and buy her baby nice things, live with the father, and enjoy having a baby. I had to do everything on my own, work all the time while raising a baby and struggling with money and it was stressful with lots of tears. I really hope you will think about these things and also share with your friends. You will be thankful later trust me.

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