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March 29th, 2012, 08:53 PM
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In august 2010 I became pregnant with my now husbands child everything was okay i had no issues nothing all the ultrasounds were great everything. Than in october I has horrible cramps and i began spotting i went to the dr she said everything was okay so far but miscarriage was a huge possiblity. I went home and october 20th I was napping and woke up bleeding bad, my fiance rushed me in to the er and found out that the baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks and I had miscarried. My daughters birthday party was that saturday I was a mess, such a mess that not only was i in horrible pain, but i couldnt even handle holding my bestfriends daughter whom was like my own kid. It passed and I accepted that I would no longer be having a child. Than in march of 2011, I went to my ob visit just for a check up and found out I was 2 weeks pregnant not getting my hopes up I told my husband and we were excitied, we than got married on march 23rd (and no not because of the baby but because it was finally time too lol) We came home everything was great, two days later I wound up in the er with spotting and cramping, I miscarried 3 days after. With the mind set of not ever having a child with my husband I was devistated. I have two children already and him a daughter but we wanted one of our own, seeing as we were going to be spending our lives together we wanted another addition to our family... we gave up trying we faced the fact we were not having a baby. But we went to visit his family in georgia and had a blast (august)... Than we started taking care of my father who is slowly dying, and for some reason we decided to start trying.. I didnt get my period in november which is common every few months i dont get it, but for some reason around thanksgiving i made my husband go get pregnancy tests, they were very very light so we ignored it... than like 2 days later i took another one it was a bit darker... so a week later i took another one and it was bright n dark positive. I called my dr she sent me for bloodwork and a sono. I went for a sono every week... and well here I am 23 weeks, with our little boy i am due july 26th, however every little thing i am up my drs butt and weve been in the er a few times but so far so good...

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