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March 30th, 2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by ~ Nicole ~ View Post
By the way this is why I rarely post on forums anymore. Because instead of being able to tell my story and opinion and everyone just respect it and leave it to the OP how they feel after reading everyone's response there always has to be someone who instead of also just telling there story also has to say "dont listen to bleep" or "bleep is wrong". No one is right or wrong we all have our experiences and feeings and I believe my side of the story which is a common reality should also be something the OP thinks about. Not meant to be negative, discouraging or unsupportive but to hopefully let the OP realize that she and her future children deserve more than just settling. I was 16 once too and going back than I thought it would be all easy and no big deal which is why I had a child at 18 and 10 years later realize how wrong I was back than. I should be able to tell another very real side of what happens also without having people treat my posts as insignificant. I know things can work out and I am happy for those who have a good experience but my experience is important to and honestly much more common scenario. Too many young people are niave to the reality thinking everyone will be there and everything will be fine when it is really not that simple and easy. I see so many young people having babies treating it like it is fun and cool. No its not. Yes you can make it but what my post is trying to say is that it is much easier to reach your long term goals in life and be stable if you do it before having children.
I can see why your story would be important to tell IF she was talking about trying to have a baby. She wasn't. She was talking about how she KNOWS how stupid it was and how she plans to protect herself in the future. It's good that she is mature enough to realize that it likely could be that same scenario for her but what difference would it make if she was already pregnant? I guess maybe I just read it like you were trying to negate every good thing she had said about IF that scenario were ALREADY true and it felt to me like you were tearing her down for feeling like she would have support in a situation that she couldn't do anything about at that very moment, since she either was or wasn't pregnant already.

ETA: It all comes down to not being able to hear somebody's tone on the internet. Your story IS important, just like anybody else's. Like I said, I think it's just that in my head, your tone was so negative. So, I am sorry for misunderstanding your purpose in posting it.
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