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April 1st, 2012, 03:12 PM
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I also posted this in my ddc....

Here's the thing...

My daughter just turned 3. She's almost fully potty trained. She will go all day at day care without an accident. Then she comes home and when she has to do #2, she takes a pull up out of the drawer where they're kept, and poops in that and then will come tell me she pooped.

ugh. so frustrating.

And then today, it's like she's too lazy to use the toilet. I"ll tell her to use the potty, she'll say she doesn't have to go, and then 5/10 minutes later she comes out and is half naked because she's peed herself.

I just had a little freak out because now I have to wash all her blankets because she was sitting on her bed, which we JUST made, when it happened.


The way I look at it is that she's 3 and should be potty trained by now. ahhhhhhhhhhh.

ya.. so any advice?
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