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April 1st, 2012, 04:08 PM
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Oy, well, what a week!

My period was totally crazy - two days of brown spotting, then nothing. Took two PG tests (Friday and this morning) and got really strong BFN, so I just am contributing it to a BC weirdness. My plan is to use my last test on Thursday morning, since Friday with Passover I need to know for sure if I can drink or not (four cups of wine with the seder!). I don't think I am at this point, but whatever.

Because of this though, we've decided to skip the last cycle of BC and just go to temping. I'm frustrated by not knowing what my body is doing, and at least with temping I'll have a better idea. Right now I'm just doing through TCOYF, since unlike FF, it's not interested in you getting pregnant. Since we're starting partway through my cycle, we'll probably use condoms until my period, unless I get a really convincing ovulation spike/CM spike. We'll see.

Emotionally, I'm okay with the BFN - it would be sort of nice to have it just happen and be pregnant already, but at the same time, our timing is because of real issues with when I will be able to take time from school, etc. So I will be okay with it!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!
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