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April 3rd, 2012, 02:07 AM
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Hey everyone! My first post, due July 6th with my second child and my first girl! My first delivery with my son about 8 years ago was very painful and traditional, enduced with petosin(sorry I'm sure I spelled that wrong), given an epidural(which punctured my spinal column so not all the medication was being administered properly yet I was still stuck with limited mobility) so they gave me iv drugs to help "take the edge off" and I was completely terrified, and woozy the whole time.

Needless to say this time around I wanted a completely DIFFERENT experience! Lol. Coming from a family who believes 100% in western medicine I was never really introduced to the idea of alternative care drug free methods when it came to labor. I assumed everyone delivered on their back with their feet in stirrups screaming in agony, thankfully after working with a few midwives and dulas as a chiropractic office manager I was told about water births being the alternative to epidurals and medication for pain relief. This sparked my interest so I began researching. Mind you I was very skeptical because of my upbringing and the whole idea seemed...messy. I now however find myself intrigued by this process and motivated to give it a shot, my husbands family is very traditional as well so I'm sure they will think of me as a crazy hippy but I'm willing to deal with that for a less intense labor allowing me the ability to control my own body versus being told when to push and how to breath. Here's my question:

Have you experienced this personally and what are your thoughts?
Any suggestions on how to deal with the in-laws labeling me? Did you have to deal with that as well?
If you havent would you consider it or are you planning to as well?
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